Care Rostering

Rostering is crucial when it comes to ensuring an environment is providing high quality and safe patient care as well as ensuring staff health and wellbeing are monitored through increased visibility of safe working hours.

At Nextra, our Rostering module allows users to efficiently create shift patterns, ad-hoc shifts, and availability and non-availability shifts across different locations and groups of employees.

One of the many features of this module is the way the roster view screen reports live data and updates immediately once changed.

Why should you use workforce management software?

Software may be better suited for some managerial tasks than people because they lack processing power and sometimes exhibit confirmation bias. WFM forecasting engines use elaborate algorithms that can learn from history, predict future events with precision – something most managers would find difficult without the help of team analysts-and streamline laborious pay rules processes into one automated system instead of many smaller ones; saving employers time by reducing mistakes made during payrolls as well improving accuracy which has been proven beneficial in today’s fast-paced world where business is always booming.

Choosing the best WFM software for your business

The decision to choose a certain WFM software often comes down to the industry, workforce characteristics, and strategic goals of an organization. When looking through potential solutions for your business there are some steps you should take into consideration.

Define the work that needs to be done for each process/stakeholder.
Conduct a self-assessment identifying which tasks or activities will better
Identify the WFM activities that work well and the inefficiencies that need to be corrected.
Prioritize requirements
Decide if the organization simply needs a basic time and attendance tool
Rank the list of pain points and desired WFM features

Why choose Nextra workforce management software?

Now is the time to reach out to Nextrasoft, to fact-find and discuss how we can improve and alleviate your problems around this very important element within your business.

At Nextrasoft, we consist of professional software developers, who cater for all aspects of HCM/WFM.

Our in-house teams consist of our Platform Developers, Sales and Aftercare to manage ever-demanding changes in all industries, conforming to changes in regulations, compliance and legislations.

We provide an unparalleled package of software that will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to management of your employees with automation in place.

Our modular approach to our product, makes ease of use due to simple click, drag and enter of data. The platform can manage all aspects of WFM which includes the key services of Time & Attendance, Rostering, HR, Self Service, Demand Rostering, Payroll, Clocking and much more.

Our product is cloud based (SaaS) so it is accessible with any connected device, be it tablet, PC, or mobile wherever and whenever you need it.

Nextrasoft software packages cater for every industry, due to our unique ability to offer standard and bespoke solutions. Our Standard solution is normally sufficient, as this has a wide range of capabilities built-in that will fit SME/SMB businesses.

Complex solutions can be catered for with our specialists to craft the ideal solution to meet your exacting needs meeting KPI’s.

Our research and deployment to our clients, has proven to save businesses revenue leakage which affects your bottom line and P&L.

Frequently asked questions about WFM software

Solutions for managing your workforce are becoming more and more complex. In order to make the best decisions, you need an in-depth understanding of what’s happening with every employee on a daily basis as well as how they interact with one another during work hours or outside those times where productivity can be improved through policy implementation like flexible scheduling options which allow employees time off from their normal 9 am – 5 pm schedule without losing pay since this gives companies flexibility when it comes down deciding who has coverage dependent upon task type (e.g, sales versus customer service).