What is workforce management?

workforce management

I am responsible for a complex organisation which suffers from significant seasonal shifts in workforce requirements and utilization. Using Nextra has allowed us to plan our rotas meticulously and accurately in advance leading to billions of happy customers worldwide.

We have a variety of different functions within the company, each with its distinct set of roles. For example, Manufacturing is based on multiple departments each with a similar elfin hierarchy whilst Transport and Logistics encompasses everything from sled loader through to lead reindeer.

Nextra’s flexible rostering solution allows us to have shifts of variable length all based on the same start day. It has the ability to work with various time zones which is ideal for our Head Office location where all UTC offsets exist simultaneously. Our planners take advantage of the Earth’s rotation to schedule our delivery run into a single 48-hour shift which allows us to maximise resources to achieve our delivery targets.

We bought the optional “Naughty or Nice” module which allows us to plan the required logistics to achieve full delivery to our target market. Nextra hosts all of the software on their own servers which provides us with the elasticity and scalability required as the world’s population changes. Although we have no issues with on-site cooling, we are under significant environmental pressure, so this also helps lower our carbon footprint.

Nextrasoft consultants have a clear understanding of our mission and I would recommend their solution to anybody.